Every year, in May the event gathers 500+ delegates from 40 countries: key managers of the companies engaged in grain and maritime business. Our 2019 speakers – CEO and top=managers of shipping and grain business from Athens to Shanghai.

Why Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa?

  • Each conference gathers 30+ speakers from the leading global analytical agencies, grain and maritime business experts, international trade and investment companies
  • A solid information platform, under the results whereof each delegate has an opportunity for mini-research upon grain market and maritime industry, in the form of presentations
  • A comfortable venue, facilitating interactive discussion of vital and acute issues of development of the global and the Ukrainian grain market, logistics and sea carriages
  • Unofficial talks and positive emotions, both in the framework of the event and due to pleasant time spending in Odessa, the marine capital of Ukraine.

Key themes for Grain&Maritime Days in Odessa-2020:

  • Macroeconomics, geopolitics, global overproduction and where to look for demand?
  • Microeconomics, laws and reforms, weather and currency factors: what to expect?
  • Realities of the Ukrainian grain market functioning: the strongest wins, or the one in a pickle is the one who’s got to tickle?
  • Results of the grain season 2019/20, key factors and forecasts for 2020/21 MY
  • Prospects and specifications of basic and niche crop export
  • Five week spots of the Ukrainian infrastructure and logistics and what to do?
  • Port boom in Ukraine: competitive advantage or “play against your own people”?
  • New trends in the Ukrainian and global agricultural and maritime business
  • Difficulties of grain cargo export by sea from Ukraine
  • Loading ports vs. discharge ports: international overview
  • Local business challenges in 2020-2025
  • Maritime business: how does a shipowner live in Ukraine?

The program includes an open interview with key speakers, discussion panels, optional round tables. Conference location in 2020 will be Black Sea Hotel.